Safe and Secure

IT security has become one of the major issues facing business owners in today's digital age. Business leaders are well aware that the new computing architectures, which allow greater freedom, movement and productivity come with a risk warning.

New working practices include remote access, online/mobile commerce and cloud computing. Services are increasingly technology dependent and as a result, the risk of attacks becomes more evident. With new regulations, news bulletins and adverse social media comment to security disasters, breaches become costly, unacceptable and brand damaging.

To meet these threats our consultants will specify and design a cost effective security policy to meet your needs:

Key areas addressed include

  • Server Access
  • Secure Website Access
  • Secure Mobile / Cell Phone / Tablet / Pad
  • Secure E-Mail Access
  • Secure Portable Storage
  • Cloud Computing Access

Our security plan will protect your organisation from serious threats including :

  • Effective Against Security Threats
  • Rootkits / Botnets
  • Man In the Middle attacks (MiTM)
  • Phishing
  • Malware / Spyware / Trojans
  • Unauthorised Access to Enterprise Servers
  • Keyloggers / Screen Readers