Support and Maintenance

We provide a dedicated IT helpdesk who understand how important your productivity and IT performance is to your business. Downtimes and technical problems can lose money and damage reputations. That's why we offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution ensuring that if things do go wrong you have all the help you need to get your IT systems back up and running as quickly as possible.

Support Services

Our IT support service provides organisations with specialist IT Support to manage in-house IT systems. Our Support team are available either by Telephone, Email, Remote Systems (Web enabled support fault logging systems) or onsite if required.

We provide dedicated numbers, named account managers, and monitored Service Levels ensuring that you receive the best service possible.

Our Support services are typically customised to suit your specific business requirements, ensuring you have access to the right services and dedicated and trained IT support professionals.

At CSL we offer our clients a full range of on-site and remote technical IT support, including software and hardware fault management, installations, and updates.

Maintenance Services

We provide remote infrastructure management service which will monitor and manage your key IT assets (systems, servers, security networks and applications) ensuring that they are working to optimum and proactively apply upgrades and patches when required.

Our managed services reduces the operational costs and risks by proactively monitoring key IT assets and alerting the CSL support team of any potential incidents, threats or risks, in a timely fashion preventing IT disasters and unnecessary and expensive downtimes.

The service provides:

Support and Maintenance

By continuously monitoring your IT network, we can ensure optimum usage of your infrastructure, providing robust system availability and performance. Real time monitoring will also identify major risks alerting the support team to take immediate remedial action before the network becomes log jammed.

Performance Monitoring

We provide regular performance monitoring of servers, networks, systems and applications, providing hourly, daily and weekly reports on key IT metrics, such as CPU, memory and disk. This enables rapid identification of potential problems (i.e., over-utilisation) before they have an impact the IT service.

Routine Maintenance and Upgrades

All infrastructure is audited and annual maintenance plans are planned for. This ensures that kit is kept at an optimum level ensuring high levels of availability and performance.