Organisations face heightened business risk due to unprecedented threats of attack against vital assets, information, and systems. In today’s mobile world, access to systems should be simple yet secure.

Businesses need to protect against the threat of unauthorised logons, whether accessed remotely or from within the enterprise. As an effective step to implementing a complete Identity Management solution, our range of standalone or Managed Authentication Services address these challenges by providing a flexible, easy-to-use platform with the right level of protection for each business-critical asset, preventing costly damage from attackers. Keytech’s Security services and solutions address all aspects of the enterprise to ensure total protection providing the ability for you to focus on core, business-critical functions.

Utilising advanced two factor authentication methodologies, we offer a complete end-to-end service leveraged to fit your business requirements. Delivering additional protection effectively reduces exposure to threats and increases your control of access to enterprise data and systems.

Our approach to security is entirely business-driven and thoroughly flexible; relying upon close collaboration with the client to ensure that the appropriate level of authentication is applied to your business-critical assets. In order to mitigate risk and proactively prevent disruptions unique to your operations, the service begins with a detailed assessment of your requirements to identify areas of vulnerability. Using this information, the required service is tailored by our security experts to fit your unique environment.